Venkatesh Venkataramanujam

Venkatesh Venkataramanujam is currently the Senior Design Engineer at Amazon Robotics.He received his Ph.D. and Master's from Florida Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Kinematics, Dynamic Systems and Controls - Robotics) and his B.S. from University of Mumbai in theField Of Study Mechanical Engineering. Previously he was the Trainee Engineer in Fitwell Construction Company and worked for Research Assistant in Clarkson University and Florida Institute of Technology. He was the CAE Engineer -Core CAE Methods and Integration (Digital Innovation: Virtual Verification)at Ford Motor Company and was the Solution Design Engineer in Amazon Robotics.

Title of The Talk: The applications of Robotics in Warehouse Operations and Customer Fulfillment.

Abstract: The advent of e-commerce has increasingly necessitated the use of automation in warehouses to meet consumer demand. This has resulted in robots, and humans working in collaborative environments. This talk will explore the roles that robotics will play in the fulfillment industry and the opportunities they present.

Harold Jean-Baptiste

Harold Jean-Baptiste is the Chief Data Scientist at Capital Intelligence Advisors. His team is responsible for developing fixed income, derivatives and quantitative equity strategies, as well as cross-asset allocation for investment clients. Harold is a seasoned data scientist with over 16 years of experience in the financial services and insurance industries.

Prior to joining Capital Intelligence Advisors Harold was Executive Director Chief Data Scientist at Segmint where he developed algorithms for banking transaction data. Prior to Segmint Harold was a Data Scientist at General Electric Asset Management (GEAM) developing investment algorithms for fixed income and equities investment. Prior to GEAM Harold lead a group a where he implemented Big Data Hadoop technology architecture and data science solutions for a Fortune 500 company.

Harold holds a Bachelor of Integrated Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Long Island University.

Title of The Talk: Big data and the internet of thing is changing how business understand consumers behavior footprint.

Abstract: The evolution of data in the last 15 years have change the way businesses operate and how we understand the collection of data.  In the last decade the engineering of new technology to collect data has transformed to become a new industry and a very profitable business model. The business industry have seen the advantage of capturing data and the forward thinking firms are starting to understanding relative financial value and the intangible domain knowledge to management.  The forward thinking firms are starting to execute strategy to implement new technologies infrastructure and understand the value of the data.  Data has become a very valuable asset to companies and having the right skill set and technology platform to capture the hidden value to monetize the data to be a key value to how companies grow for the future..Data Science algorithms have help the industry extract the true value of the data and help businesses make smarter decisions for true alpha growth.

What is the future of data, technology and data science for successful firms?

Nick Spanos

Nick Spanos is one of the earliest adopters of bitcoin and blockchain, founder of the Bitcoin Center NYC, and CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp. and works to solve one of the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry by providing an open marketplace for oracles that can provide smart contracts with access to off-chain data.
Additionally, Spanos is the founder and inventor of VoteWatcher, the patented first-ever blockchain voting platform. He was also featured in the recent documentary Banking on Bitcoin and has been part of many conferences on blockchain technology.

Title of The Talk: Rise of the Initial Coin Offering

Abstract: Zap represents an entirely new speculative data market where not only are individuals able to make money from having valuable data they can also make money by speculating on the data of others being valuable in the future through the utility of bonding curves based on the research of Simon De la rouvier. Bonding curves and curation markets create an
economic incentive for data to remain honest and maintained throughout its utility. This same economic incentive of honest data provides an opportunity for a new market with unlimited potential.

Matthew Krieger

Matthew Krieger is a technologist and executive with experience in information technology, manufacturing, publishing and fundraising. Matt is an Advisory Chief Technology Officer for non-profits and VP of Technology with manufacturer Cober, Inc. where is leads engineering and an industrial IoT initiative. Previously Matt had overall responsibility for IT at QSP, Inc., the nation’s largest youth fundraising company at the time, and held senior IT leadership positions at Time, Inc. and The Reader’s Digest Association. Matt serves on the board of two non-profit organizations, is a frequent presenter on topics of business, technology and the intersection of each, and is a business mentor with SCORE. Matt is engaged in several blockchain initiatives and is creator of text-to-speech service Lysten

Title of The Talk: IoT Security – More Complex Than It Seems

Abstract : The topic of IoT security is complex and has broad scope.  Beyond simple physical device security and the protection of the communications channel from prying eyes are considerations around authenticating devices and IoT data aggregation hubs, ensuring integrity of device messages, securing the wider physical footprint of geographically distributed IoT sensors resulting in a larger attack surface, ongoing patching and management of the hardware and other considerations.  This talk will explore the definition of security in the context of IoT, look at threats including some interesting edge cases and will explore options for securing the IoT ecosystem.

Vince Crisler

Vince Crisler  is a proven cybersecurity and IT strategy leader with deep experience in private-sector and federal government environments. As the CEO of Dark Cubed, Vince offers technical, operational and strategic expertise to CEOs, CIOs and executive teams for companies of all sizes, as well as critical leadership in developing leading-edge products for threat detection and management. Vince also has extensive experience supporting the Department of Homeland Security on the development and implementation of cyber security technologies to protect Government and Private Sector critical infrastructures. Previously a Communications Officer in the United States Air Force, Vince served for many years in the Executive Office of the President (The White House) and the Pentagon. In these roles, he developed his facility in translating technical challenges for nontechnical audiences and executing strategic IT objectives.
The author of numerous articles on cybersecurity risk and threat identification, Vince speaks frequently on cybersecurity management and IT security strategy.

Title of The Talk: The State of IoT Security

Abstract: Vince will present the technical findings and analysis from a recent security study his company, Dark Cubed, performed on 12 consumer IoT devices.  His presentation will include the details of how they performed the research, what they discovered, and the key findings resulting from the study.

Milton Chang

Dr. Milton Chang is the VP of Engineering and Technology of DomaniSystems Inc.
( in Shelton, CT. Dr. Chang has 20+ years of experiences in Research and
Development management in developing complex electronics and software-centric systems. His prior
successful start-up includes TranSwitch Corporation, Shelton, CT, which went public in 1995; Systems on
Silicon, Inc. (SOSI) located in Princeton, NJ, which was acquired by TranSwitch in 2002; and Opulan
Technologies which was a Communication IC startup with Research and Development in Shanghai that
merged with Atheros/Qualcomm in 2009. Dr. Chang received his BS in Electrical Engineering from
National Cheng-Kong University in Taiwan and Ph.D. from Michigan State University also in Electrical
Engineering. Dr. Chang has been granted 16 US patents and has a number of them pending. His current research interests are in the area of IoT/IoE, Blockchain and Machine Learning – especially the convergence of these three technologies.

Title of The Talk: The Art of Possible: IoT, AI, and Blockchain

Abstract: Security breach of Internet of Things (IoT) network could be very expensive for enterprises especially for smaller companies. According to a recent news report, such a security breach can cost up to 13% of a small company’s revenue. Traditional cyber security issues always get our attention but IoT security issues have not grabbed the nation’s attention the way it deserves. The deployment of IoT devices enlarge the attack surface thus IoT attacks can render connected devices dangerous to end-users and the public at large.Traditional security approaches so far have proven to be ineffective in defending IoT networks against DDoS, Botnets and Malware attacks. What is the solution?

For large scale deployment of IoT networks to be viable, convergence of IoT, AI, and Blockchain Technology seem to provide the answer we are all looking for. For instance, an IoT device similar to fitbit could sense health and activities, AI would watch and react, and all interactions could be protected by a blockchain.

This talk will illustrate some use cases where a combination of IoT, AI, and Blockchain technologies results in commercially viable services and applications.

Important Deadlines

Full Paper Submission:22nd August 2018
Acceptance Notification: 22nd September 2018
Final Paper Submission:7th October 2018
Early Bird Registration: 20th October 2018
Presentation Submission: 28th October 2018
Conference: 8th-10th November 2018

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